Kirsty Hulse

Kirsty Hulse is the Founder of Manyminds, a marketing agency working with clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Claire’s and IBM. For nearly ten years, she has travelled around the world speaking at conferences to audiences of thousands, and is a seasoned stand-up comic who ran a sold out one woman show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe.

She has trained with ICF accredited Neuroleadership Institute, to apply the fundamentals of neuroscience to improve creativity, enable better conversations, grow self-belief and regulate nerves. She believes, passionately, that a recognised, empowered workforce improves idea generation, creativity and internal and external communication and recently founded Roar a confidence, communication and allies training company that levels the professional playing field.

Kirsty Hulse’s Talk:
‘Considered Creativity: How to Supercharge Your Ideas to Drive Better Results’

In a world where the average consumer is exposed to over 3000 ads a day, your ideas and your content has to emotionally resonate to cut through the noise. In this talk, Kirsty will walk you through a scientifically proven creative process and share tips on how to test content before investing in execution, to supercharge your content efforts.

After this session, you will understand WHY people share content, learn how to create content that triggers this thinking, learn what happens in the brain when real creativity happens, and develop a process to tap in to that. While this talk is suitable for all to enjoy, those with a focus on content, creative, PR, link or social campaigns will take the most from it.